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In March of 2020 the artists were ready to fly in and we had this unique collaborative project ready to go….so to bring it to life we’ve re-reimagined Mozart!

Saskatoon Opera teams up with the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra to create a new theatrical work centred around reimagining the music and stories of Mozart.

Saskatchewan composers Kendra Harder, Danika Lorèn, Tiess McKenzie, and Alexander Tosh each took on the challenge of reimagining an aria from Mozart’s vast repertoire – the results are refreshing, creative, and captivating!

Vocalists Olivia Guselle, Emma Johnson, and Kelsey Ronn bring to life three important women in Mozart’s life…their letters back and forth with the Maestro become the basis of this new story.

Mozart himself comes to life through dancer Kyle Syverson, with choreography by Jackie Latendresse of FreeFlow Dance.

Danika Lorèn pulled triple duty for this unique musical experience – not only was she one of our emerging composers, but she is the creator behind the concept and director. Adding to the curiousity of creating this project in a pandemic, Lorèn directed virtually from her home in Toronto!

Conductor Maria Fuller leads the SSO Chamber Ensemble in this one of a kind performance!

Created and Directed by: Danika Lorèn

Conductor: Maria Fuller

Saskatoon Symphony Chamber Orchestra

Wolfgang Mozart:   Kyle Syverson

Maria Anna Mozart:   Olivia Guselle

Aloysia Weber:   Emma Johnson

Constanze Weber: Kelsey Ronn 

Movement Direction by: Jackie Latendresse (Free Flow Dance Theatre)

Videography/Cinematography by:   Simeon Taylor

Audio Technician: Darrell Bueckert


  • Kendra Harder
  • Danika Lorèn
  • Tiess McKenzie
  • Alexander Tosh