These last three months have been a time of both turbulence and stillness. So many of our performing arts events have been put on hold, postponed or cancelled completely.  The void felt by the many artists, technicians, designers and directors who typically come together to bring opera to our city and province, has been beyond immense.  We miss each other, and we miss you, our dedicated audience.

In this empty space, though, new ideas are germinating.  Collaborations are taking shape and partnerships are becoming stronger. Saskatoon Opera will be working to be present, optimistic and adaptable.  We are committed to being part of our resilient cultural ecosystem.

I would like to thank Lucia Cesaroni, Peter McGillivray and Rocco Rupolo for their contributions  to this on line concert.  Their generosity helps us to make a connection with all of you!   These three artists, along with so many others,  would have been part of the team presenting La Traviata , this past June.  We look forward to future productions and the path we will take to get there.

Saskatoon Opera would like to dedicate this concert to the memory of Henri Loiselle.  An amazing artist and colleague, with an enormous gift and an even bigger heart.

– Karen Reynaud, Executive Director

Rocco Rupolo, tenor

Lucia Cesaroni, soprano

Peter McGillivray, baritone

When La Traviata had to be post-poned due to COVID-19 we knew that Saskatoon Opera needed to present something for our patrons. We are proud to have the 3 leads from La Traviata involved in Opera at Home. You can watch the video when it premieres on Wednesday night on Youtube. The video is embedded below for easy access!

Opera at Home